Dear Parents:

[Your school] will hold its annual Geography Fair on [DATE]. A Geography Fair provides a creative approach to learning Geography. The concept is simple - each student researches a country or region and reports to the group using displays, posters, reports (oral and/or written), games, etc. It encourages students to explore topics in geography in more detail than what can be covered in the classroom.

Each student is required to participate in this important learning experience. Students will be given instructions and handouts during class. Most of the work will be completed independently by the student at home. For suggestions on creating a successful project, see the web site

Your support is important to a successful project. I ask that you encourage your child and monitor his or her progress. Guide your child where appropriate, but be sure that the final project represents your child's individual work.

Projects are to be brought to the school for display on [DATE]. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,