Geography Fair Guidelines for Students

A Geography Fair provides a creative approach to learning Geography. The concept is simple - each student researches a country or region and reports to the group using displays, posters, reports (oral and/or written), games, etc. Here are the guidelines.
  1. Choose a country or region. Submit the choice to the teacher for approval.

  2. Research the country or region using the library and the Internet. A good starting point for Internet research is, which provides links to many useful sites. Below is a list of the kinds of information that should be collected.

  3. Present the information. Prepare a written report and create a table-top display or poster.

    The written report should contain detailed information on your country or region. It should include a title page listing the name of the country or region, your name, your teacher's name, school name, and class. The written report is mostly text, not many pictures or graphs. The display is where the pictures and graphs will be used.

    Tri-fold display boards work will for table-top displays. They support themselves well and can be purchased online or at local school or office supply stores. You want your display to attract attention, but without being gaudy. Make sure the name of the country or region is eye-catching and easy to read from a distance. Use some color, but not a lot of different colors. Color pictures and charts look good. Text can be put on colored paper or matted with colored paper. Small items from the country, if available, can be placed on the table in front of the display. These kinds of items add significantly to the attractiveness of the display.

  4. Extra credit: create a game, write a song, make up a skit, or find another creative way to convey information about your country or region.